After two planes that left Logan Airport were used to kill thousands of Americans on 9/11, local, federal and state security officials have met every morning at 8:30 a.m. to talk about anti-terrorism efforts and swap information.

Now, Boston’s airport will be home to an official meeting place for those conversations.

Making it the first on-scene airport facility in the nation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, alongside the Massachusetts Port Authority, announced the opening of the self-contained annex dedicated to the Joint Terrorism Task Force yesterday.

Tasked with combating future security breaches from a national to local level, JTTF, which has been in operation since July, will have daily presence from eight agencies.


The group will have special access to criminal backgrounds and intelligence gathering from airports around the country.

“This effort is a culmination [of agencies], and their individual commitment and dedication to fight terrorism and other criminal enterprises,” said FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers. “No one agency can do this alone.”

Massport Director of Aviation Edward Freni said there will never be another attack like 9/11 because the efforts of the JTTF “will never let something like that happen again.”

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