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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke about the devastating effects of gun violence as details on the Washington Navy Yard shooting emerged Monday.


In his comments, Bloomberg made a point of saying details on the shooting, which has claimed at least 12 lives, are still scarce.


"But what is clear: There are just too many guns around. And it just happens again and again and again," he said at an unrelated press conference in Harlem on Monday afternoon.


Bloomberg, a vocal anti-gun violence advocate, noted with some exasperation that some 12,000 Americans will be killed by guns this year, according to estimates.


"That is just carnage," Bloomberg said.

He said that the deaths from gun violence have started to "dwarf" tolls from major events, such as the two world wars.

"It just continues to go on," he said.

After the shooting in Washington, D.C., security was increased in the city, Bloomberg said, as it usually happens during such events.

"Sometimes I'm not even sure that's possible cause we work as hard as we can every day to keep the security as high a level," he said.

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