The man accused of killing four people at a Long Island pharmacy last month has given notice to a Suffolk County official that he won't be able to fulfill his civic duty as a member of a jury.

David Laffer, 33, was due to serve jury duty beginning June 28, but was arrested on June 23 for the slaughter of several people.

The hand written letter read "I have recently (as of 23 Jun) been arrested, and am currently detained at Riverhead Correctional Facility on some very serious felony charges."

He addressed the letter to the Commissioner of Jurors, Michael O'Donohue.

Laffer ended the note with "I simply wished to relay this to you, so that I do not get into any further legal troubles."

Laffer and his wife, Melinda Brady, are currently imprisoned.

Laffer is being held on charges that he robbed a Haven Drugs pharmacy on Father's Day, killing the clerk and three other bystanders.

Brady is accused of driving the getaway car.

O'Donohue told the New York Post that Laffer would be given a six-month postponement for jury duty and that Laffer's concern was unusual, given the charges already levied against him.

If Laffer was out on bail, he would be eligible to serve in jury duty.

The commissioner said that Laffer was advised to write the letter by another inmate, who was serving time for mortgage fraud.

Read the letter below: