According to activists, more than 10 percent of state residents have the disease and Wikimedia Commons

(STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE) -- More than 10 percent of people in Massachusetts are living with diabetes, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, and analysts believe that group will grow by 61 percent by 2025, according to organizers of an event Thursday intended to bring attention to the problem and its associated health care costs.

Patient advocates plan to gather in Nurses Hall Thursday morning for Changing Diabetes Day. Citing data from an Institute for Alternative Futures model, event organizers say more than 690,000 adults in Massachusetts have diabetes, costing an estimated $6.6 billion, and diabetes accounts for more than 10 percent of U.S. health care spending.

Health Care Financing Committee Co-chairman Sen. James Welch plans to speak at Thursday's event, as well as United Way President TimGarvin, whose son has diabetes.

On Friday - World Diabetes Day - Boston's Prudential Building will feature a blue glow to commemorate the occasion and bring more attention to the issue

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