Murphy the Jack Russell Terrier may be a dog, but he has the nine lives of a cat.

As Murphy’s owner walked him along Day Boulevard in South Boston earlier this month, he sprung from her arms and was instantly hit by a car.

Traffic stopped, and caught in the backup was Dr. Cara Blake, a surgical resident from the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain.

“My heart stopped for a split second when I saw Murphy laying in the road and then my training kicked in,” Blake said in a statement from the MSPCA.

When she felt for a pulse there was nothing, so she started CPR until she finally got his heart beating again.

“The next few seconds seemed like an eternity as I wished for a second beat. Then it came — thready and weak, but it was there,” she said.

After being cared for at Angell, Murphy is now resting at home.

“Dr. Blake was like an angel watching over Murphy,” said Barbara Ward, Murphy’s owner. “He would have been gone if it was not for Cara. She was his guardian angel to be there at the right time.”

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