A 37-year-old Medford man pleaded not guilty today to assault after he allegedly became enraged that a woman was served beer before him last night's Madonna concert and then swatted at a beer tap that hit a woman in the face.

Jeffrey Jansen was ordered held on $500 cash bail during his arraignment at Boston Municipal Court, according to the Suffolk district attorney's office. He was charged with one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Jansen was waiting in line at a TD Garden concession stand during Madonna's MDNA tour when a 34-year-old Wellesley woman was about to be served before him. The woman told police that Jansen, who was standing behind her, shouted to the bartender "If you take her first, I swear to God I will pound someone's face in," authorities said.

"The bartender then served the woman in front of him, prompting Jansen to yell, scream, and strike the handle of the tap. The handle went flying into the woman’s face," according to the Suffolk district attorney's office.


The tap handle struck the woman in her face, causing cuts. She was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

Authorities and police originally said Jansen swatted a beer mug out of a person's hand, breaking the the glass and sending the handle into the woman's face. However, they corrected the information later today.

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