It’s been almost a week since the last Patriots game and there is still a week to go before the Super Bowl.

Yes, we’re starting to go a little crazy, too.

The Patriots players have no problem occupying their time before Feb. 5 as they are busy studying film of the New York Giants and practicing plays.

But for fans that have less work to do, the anticipation, excitement, nerves and desire for revenge are peaking as Super Bowl Sunday approaches.


And all that Patriots fans can to do in the meantime is play the waiting game.

“It’s driving me nuts because there’s nothing to do,” said John Browning of Everett. Browning recently took a trip to Modell’s in Medford to browse the Patriots AFC championship clothing as he waits for the big game.

Browning said he tries to get through the football gap by watching pregame coverage on the NFL Network.

Adding to the excitement of a potential fourth Super Bowl win for the Patriots was the dramatic finish last Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, which ended on a missed field goal in the final minute.

For Cookie O’Donnell of Malden, who also stopped at Modell’s to pick up some Pats gear, that game is how she gets through to the Super Bowl.

“You keep busy talking about the last game,” she said.

Filling time

Metro came up with some ideas for fellow sports fans that are seeking to satisfy their craving ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

The Patriots announced that they will host a free sendoff celebration Sunday at Gillette Stadium. The event alone should be enough to get fans through a Sunday without football. And, no, we don’t count the Pro Bowl.

Why not take a tour of Fenway Park before you suffer from football overload? While there it might be wise to pray to the baseball gods for a better Sox season.

While everyone seems to be focused on football, Boston still has other teams in the middle of their seasons. The B’s and C’s play 10 games beginning Friday through Feb. 5.

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