tattoo prints Harada's prints were stolen yesterday from the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.

New Jersey-based tattoo artist Mark Harada is asking for help after his machines and artwork were stolen from the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention yesterday.

"I need these things to feed my kids," Harada posted on social media sites last night. "Seriously, anyone [who] knows anything will be richly rewarded (after my kids get new shoes)."

Harada said that there is a suspect in the theft, described as a black man with short dreadlocks. He's asking anyone with information – particularly those associated with places where someone may try to sell the tattoo gear – to call him at 614-456-6291.


Along with a stack of prints illustrating Harada's work, the thief also took the machines shown below.

stolen tattoo machines Philadelphia Tattoo Convention A number of Harada's machines were stolen yesterday.

According to Harada, those are a Josh Ford liner with red coils, a Ted Ted shader with black coils, a Mike Drexler shader with green coils and a liner with blue coils, an Earth Heavy liner with money coils, a Mickey Sharps shader with black coils and a Jason Freeman / Scott Sylvia brass liner with black coils.

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