Today is the last full day of campaigning in the New York gubernatorial race. At least it hasn’t been boring.

1 “I don’t think it’s proper for them to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other.” Carl Paladino, criticizing opponent Andrew Cuomo’s decision to bring his daughters to a gay pride parade.

2 “I don't think I'm going to accept parenting advice from Mr. Paladino,” said Cuomo.

3 “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” Paladino campaign manager Michael R. Caputo, explaining why Paladino left a debate for a bathroom break.

4 “The Rent is 2 Damn High Party feels if you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you.” Glove-wearing, mustachioed gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan.

5 “The difference between the MTA and my former escort agency is that I operated one set of books, and my former agency delivered on-time and reliable service,” gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis, former prostitution madam who allegedly supplied girls to Eliot Spitzer.

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