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Ask the Commuter Rail winter questions on Twitter

If you've got winter worries and questions, the Commuter Rail has answers.

The Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail Company is hosting a Twitter Q and A on Thursday, Nov. 10, for five full hours.

The online question session is an opportunity for commuter rail riders to get answers about the winter services the rail is anticipating.

Last week, MBCR announced that there would be limited train service during severe stormy weather, however, the company has stepped up their efforts and purchased $500,000 worth of winterization equipment.

If you want to bug MBCR with some inquiries, Tweet them @MBCR_info

The original tweet:

@MBCR_info: #MBCR is having a special twitter Q & A session tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 10th from 3- 8pm. Ask us any questions about CR winter service #mbta

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