Why is the “Pedestrian Gate” at Quincy Adams on Independence Avenue closed and never available to residents? With gas hovering near $4 a gallon it certainly would make using the T a lot more accessible to the East Braintree/Quincy users. –DWalsh

Dear DWalsh: Thank you for contacting the MBTA concerning the pedestrian entrance to Quincy Adams station located on Independence Avenue. The station entrance opened in 1981 providing local residents the option to walk to the station and access the station from Independence Avenue.

Over time, commuters from other cities and towns became aware of the entrance and began parking in the neighborhood to avoid the parking fee.

The neighborhood became flooded with commuters parking on both sides of the street blocking driveways, and causing problems with traffic flow. In the late 1980s, at the urging of the city of Quincy concerned with the negative impact the parking issue was having on the community, the MBTA closed the entrance.

To ensure the surrounding community does not experience a similar situation with parking, the MBTA has no plans to reopen the entrance at this time. As you noted, gas prices continue to rise and we will continue to encourage folks to leave their cars at home and take advantage of the reasonable costs of public transportation.

I ride a rush hour commuter rail train (Needham line) that has, to my knowledge, never arrived at South Station on schedule. These are not mechanical or weather problems, but easily solved efficiency problems. Why are these issues not even discussed, much less addressed? –Chris Alderson

Dear Mr. Alderson: Please know that we value your commitment to public transportation and will do everything we can to ensure safe, reliable, and convenient service for our customers.

Your reference to efficiency is heard and I have asked commuter rail staff to monitor the timeliness of rush hour trains along the Needham line very closely and work to identify some recommendations that can possibly improve the performance. Please provide us with the specific train(s) you take including inbound and outbound departure times so we can better examine the delays you are referring to. Please send the info to Steve Jones at sxjones@mbta.com.

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