Marlene Taraskiewicz believes somebody at Logan Airport knows who killed her daughter, a baggage supervisor for Northwest Airlines.


That belief brought Taraskiewicz back to the airport again this week - the 18th anniversary of her daughter’s murder.


“I don’t want people to forget what happened here,” said Taraskiewicz, who held handmade signs while standing outside Terminal A yesterday.


Her daughter, Susan, was 27 when she left the airport early Sept. 13 to pick up sandwiches for her and co-workers. Her beaten and stabbed body was found nearly two days later in the trunk of her Toyota at a Revere auto body shop.


Taraskiewicz said she is convinced that her daughter’s death had to do with a credit card scam involving other Northwest workers who were eventually arrested and sent to prison.

In the weeks before her death, other baggage handlers were subpoenaed to testify about hundreds of stolen credit cards that were shipped aboard Northwest flights and picked up from bags that arrived in Boston.

Taraskiewicz said people that know her after coming back on the anniversary every year will sometimes bring her coffee.

“One thing they say to me that gets my emotions is how lucky Susan is to have me,” she said. “Susan would be doing this for me. That’s what helps me do this.”

Authorities said the case remains open.

“Police and prosecutors have chased countless leads during the past 18 years and continue to do so,” said Jake Wark, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley.