Bah, humbug.

The city may be decorating for December, but non-believers are steeling themselves for a season of messages they don’t believe — and, frankly, can’t stand.

Yesterday, a pro-atheist billboard declaring Christmas “a myth” went up at the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

David Silverman, president of New Jersey-based American Atheists Inc., said he hopes the sign reaches “an atheist who is not known to his friends or family, or maybe even to himself.” The group’s 3,000 members sponsored the $20,000 billboard.

“We want people to think about it,” he said. “Do they know it’s a myth? Yes, of course they do.”

Charles Alexander Zorn, acting director of non-supernatural group New York Brights, hosts a solstice party and visits the American Museum of Natural History during December. “We always celebrate science and reason,” he said.

Meanwhile, New York City Atheists Inc. plans a comedy night on Dec. 21 to roast religion, free of ornaments, carols, trees or candles. Its members can attend “Living Without Religion,” a support group.

“A lot of our members are just annoyed with all the ornaments and the lights and so on,” said
communications director Jane Everhart.

The onslaught of twink-ling lights, garish decorations and forced holiday cheer is too much, she said. Everhart doesn’t waste time putting up a tree, but she will have a table full of food Thursday.