mta lirr suspect Vasile Ovidiu Haidau.
Credit: MTA.


MTA police are on the lookout for a man suspected of scamming LIRR riders who unknowingly swiped their credit cards and typed their PIN codes at a Long Island railroad station.



Authorities discovered that a vending machine at the Baldwin Station had been tampered with last week. Technicians found a scanning device in the card slot and a camera over the keypad.


While the MTA cautioned riders to look over their transactions, police said that they caught the devices before the scammers could download any collected information.

Officials identified Vasile Ovidiu Haidau, 35, as a suspect in connection to the scam. Haidau, a Romanian national, is allegedly in New York with revoked visa.

He was last seen on April 7 in a rented 2014 Blue Volvo S80 with license plate number GXR5959 after evading apprehension by an officer. MTA police said that Haidau is not known to carry any weapons but that anyone who comes across him should still consider him potentially dangerous.

Investigators asked that any sightings of Haidau be reported to the MTA Police Department Detective Division at (516) 222-6501, or the On Duty-On Call Detective Sergeant at (718) 361-2201.

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