The backlash against the new website appeared almost as quickly as the site debuted.

Launched Friday by Justin Doody, a BU sophomore engineering major, the site will randomly display two photos of the more than 600 that have been submitted by users. Users are then asked “who’s hotter” and can vote by clicking on one of the photos.

Some students believe that the ranking system is degrading. The university’s student government passed a resolution Monday night condemning the site, saying that it “encourages a culture of judgment and objectification.”

A Facebook group against the site already had more than 220 members yesterday. An online petition to remove the site was also created.

Doody said he came up with the idea after watching the Facebook movie “The Social Network” and knew the idea would be controversial.

“Obviously some people are going to be negative about it, but I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback,” Doody said. “I think people at school know it’s meant to be a joke and not taken too seriously.”

Doody said there’s been demand for a male version of the site; he said that the possibility is still on the table.

Junior psychology major Kevin Nemandoust said he uploaded some photos of his female friends. “It’s the best site,” he said.

Fellow junior Arielle Rapaport said she visited the site and saw some of her friend’s photos on it.

“Obviously it’s a little demeaning,” Rapaport said. “It’s still kind of messed up, but it’s also kind of funny.”

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