The Ritz-Carlton has at least one unwelcome guest.

The New York Times reported Thursday that “a lot of bedbugs” were found in the swanky hotel yesterday.

The hotel, which borders Central Park near Sixth Avenue, told FOX that only one bedbug was found.

The Times reports that one guest discovered a bedbug, showing hotel employees when she checked out of room 1005.


The Ritz-Carlton isn’t the first to suffer reports of the blood-sucking insects.

In 2010, a Long Island woman said the room she stayed in at the Waldorf Astoria had bed bugs.

And other swanky places have unknowingly harbored bedbugs too – Bloomingdale’s also told FOX in 2010 that they found a single bed bug in its East 59th Street store.

Many hotels take precautions like calling in consultants, said Andy Linares, president of Bug Off Pest Control Center.

“Hotels are one of the prime targets for bedbug activity,” he said. “It’s a constant in and out of fresh people.”

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