bedbugs n train subway The MTA said bedbugs were found on three N trains this week.
Credit: Getty Images

Bedbugs were found on at least three N trains this week, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority confirmed.

The MTA will now check for the bugs where train crew hang out at the Coney Island terminal, the N's last stop in Brooklyn, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

The bedbugs, first reported by the New York Daily News, were found in passenger areas and the train cab cushions where crew members sit.


"We will do spot checks in the crew rooms at Coney Island," Ortiz said.

Two N trains were taken out of service on Sunday and exterminated after subway riders and crew reported the pesky passengers onboard some cars, Ortiz said. A third N train was sent the rail yards for fumigationon Tuesday.All cars on the trains have been fumigated.

This isn't the first time bedbugs have infested the subway system. They have been reportedly found on platforms, wooden subway benches and trains.

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