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‘Belichick’ was an apparent target of dognapper in Hub

Craig Pentland just wants Belichick back home. 

Craig Pentland just wants Belichick back home.

Belichick is the name of Pentland’s 5-year-old puggle who was apparently stolen while tied up at a Boylston Street store Monday night.

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take a dog,” Pentland said.

The South End resident walked his dog to the Trader Joe’s in the Back Bay about 7 p.m. to pick up some dinner and some treats for Belichick. He tied up the dog and headed into the store. When he returned about eight minutes later the dog and its leash were gone.

“Panic. Complete and total panic,” Pentland said of his mindset when not seeing his dog.

Pentland looked around in search of Belichick. He walked up one block and back to the next, but the dog was no where to be found.

Pentland said he was almost immediately certain someone walked off with the dog.

“His collar was tight and I knew he hadn’t gotten out,” Pentland said.

Police said they received a report on the missing dog, but there was no update on its location.

Pentland went into nearby restaurants and bars asking them to review their surveillance cameras, which they did. However, none of the establishments he visited had a clear view of the store.

Besides hanging missing dog posters around the Boylston Street store, Pentland has taken his quest to Facebook and Craigslist to put up virtual posters of his missing dog.

A Facebook page titled “Find Belichick” had dozens of followers within a few hours yesterday.

Pentland is offering a reward and no questions asked for the return of his dog.

Dog gone

Pentland holds Patriots season tickets and named his dog after the team’s Super Bowl-winning coach.

Belichick is about 5 years old and weighs 28 pounds.

The dog has a microchip that can be scanned by a veterinarian.

Anyone with information can contact 617-584-5330 or findbelichick@gmail.com.

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