Benjamin Franklin Museum. Credit: Uwishunu. The Benjamin Franklin Museum reopens this weekend after two years of renovations. Credit: Uwishunu


Benjamin Franklin is back.


Well, his spirit is anyway, as the museum dedicated to his life and accomplishments reopens this weekend after two years and more than $23 million in renovations.


The underground exhibition, located in Franklin Court at Third and Market streets within Independence National Historic Park, will reopen on Saturday. Admission will be free on Saturday and Sunday, with the grand reopening slated for Sept. 20.


Dedicated in 1976, the Old City museum stands in the same spot as Franklin’s original Philadelphia home and printing office. While the original building was demolished long ago, a ghost-like structure symbolizes the frame of the original building. The landmark was designed byrenowned architects Robert Venturi and John Rauch.


Exhibits inside the museum are laid out like 18th century rooms to reflect "different aspects of Franklin’s personality," according to a press release.

The exhibits are separated as follows:

Adent and dutiful:dedicated to his personality and personal life.

Ambitious and rebellious:detailing his climb to the top of 18th-century America's social and political life.

Motivated to improve:displaying his inventions and concepts.

Curious and full of wonder: exploringhis curiosity and experiments.

Strategic and persuasive:examining his political tactics.

Franklin's library:what Ben read.

Legacy: how he's remembered.