When Hannah Juliano tuned in to “Sing-Off” last night, she knew who qualified for the finals of NBC’s a cappella competition but was contractually obligated to keep her lips zipped.

“People pry pretty hard and they try to test you,” said Juliano, who is competing with the Berklee College of Music group called Pitch Slapped. “It’s fun to have a secret with 10 other groups.”

But she doesn’t know who will win a chance at a record deal and $100,000. “I think we have a really amazing chance,” Juliano said. “We have a lot of what it takes to entertain, especially on national TV. We have energy, we have musical chops, we can dance, we can move and we’re fun-loving.”

Tufts University’s Beelzebubs finished second in the show’s first season last year and were recently featured on the FOX show “Glee.”

Pitched Slapped looks up to the Beelzebubs as mentors, and Juliano still marvels at how “Glee” made choir cool.

“They still make fun of themselves on the show and poke fun at how people think it’s cheesy or only for girls,” she said. “I think it’s amazing what 'Glee' is doing. The attention they are bringing, it’s all so positive.

“Maybe people just need something nice to listen to right now. There’s just something about hearing your favorite songs reiterated by nothing but voices.”

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