Montreal’s Bixi bike share — the model for a similar program in Boston set to launch this spring — doesn’t fight climate change as much as previously believed.


Researchers from McGill University found the environmental benefits of Bixi are “grossly exaggerated” since most trips taken on the bike-sharing service replace other “green” modes of transportation.


The survey hoped to gauge interest in integrating cycling and transit.


“The responders are already integrated in cycling and transit,” said David Loutzenheiser of Metropolitan Area Planning Council, which is currently putting Boston’s bike share out to bid.


“So it’s already people doing that now, so it’s not people necessarily in cars. It even mentions in the study the sample is biased.”

Boston’s bike share has received $3 million in federal funding. More than 500 bike share stations will be located at or near MBTA stations, creating 2 million new bike trips per year.