gracie mansion Leaving their Brooklyn home behind, Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio and his family will move to Gracie Mansion, which he called "the people's house."
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Leaving their Brooklyn home behind, Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio and his family will move to Gracie Mansion, "the people's house."

"We're Brooklynites and we're proud to be Brooklynites and we will always be Brooklynites," de Blasio said in Park Slope Wednesday. "But for very practical reasons we're going to make the move to Gracie over the next few months."

The official mayoral residence, Gracie Mansion has been vacant for 12 years. Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg opted to live in his own Upper East Side townhouse over the yellow mansion, which sits in Yorkville's Carl Schurz Park and overlooks the East River.


De Blasio and members of his family said in a statement that "logistical and security concerns" contributed to their decision, along with "respect and gratitude for the people of New York City."

But the choice wasn't an easy one for de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, and their two children, Ciara and Dante. The family has lived in the same Park Slope home for 13 years.

"There's so many routines that I have that I will miss," McCray said, wistfully describing her relationship with the local shopkeepers. De Blasio said he would miss easy access to espresso and the Little Purity Diner, where the mayor-elect enjoys oatmeal with honey and fruit several mornings a week.

The family will make an effort to return to their favorite neighborhood spots, as well as the Park Slope Y where de Blasio and McCray were headed to work out on Wednesday morning.

After living in the 214-year-old Manhattan mansion, the family will return to their comparably modest Park Slope home, the mayor-elect said.

De Blasio launched his mayoral campaign in front of that same Brooklyn house last January. Standing near the same spot nearly 11 months later on Wednesday, de Blasio said it was important for his family to leave the neighborhood and the borough where they've lived for over two decades.

"We see Gracie Mansion as the people's house," the mayor-elect said, adding, "Here, in front of this house, I said all boroughs are created equal and I mean that."

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