bill de blasio reddit ama Obviously, Bill de Blasio doesn't spend enough time trolling the Internet if he doesn't know who Banksy is.
Credit: @deBlasioNYC/Twitter

Banksy who? Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio told reporters he doesn't know who art superstar Banksy is.


When a reporter asked him if he thought Banksy's graffiti pieces should be removed, de Blasio answered, "Say again?" and then "I don't know who that is." When the reporter tried again, de Blasio repeated, "I don't know the artist."


In contrast, Bloomberg seemed to disparage Banksy's art on Wednesday when he said, “You running up to somebody’s property or public property and defacing is not my definition of art. Or, it may be art but it should not be permitted.” Bloomberg is an avid art collector whose private collection include works by Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, according to ARTINFO.


Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota weighed in and sided with Bloomberg. “Defacing property should never be considered art,” he told reporters in Far Rockaway. “You want to do art work, you can do it, you can find a place to do it, instead of taking someone's property and defacing it. Using someone's private property, or even if it's a public building, and using it as a canvas is never the right thing to do."