Bill de Blasio Bill de Blasio, left, has a wider lead ahead of his opponents after a recanvass of the voting lever machines, though his rivals, including former City Comptroller Bill Thomspon, right, have conceded to him.
Credit: Bess Adler

After a recanvass of the lever machines, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio holds a larger lead in last week's Democratic primary for mayor than original results suggested.

Recanvassing of 5,059 lever machines and tallying of emergency ballots increased de Blasio's lead to 40.88 percent, though the Public Advocate's rivals have already conceded and endorsed him, the Board of Elections said.

The recanvass began over the weekend and was completed Wednesday.


There still an estimated 68,000 paper ballots to be be counted, a Board of Elections spokeswoman said.

Those votes include absentee, military and affidavit votes from those whose registration was contested at their polling site.

The Board of Election spokeswoman said updated results with those paper ballots may be released Friday.

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