A 200-pound corpse flower is finally in full bloom at the Franklin Park Zoo.

"Morticia," as she is called by horticulture staff, began opening last night, a few days later than expected.

The rare, and smelly, flower is on display today.

Formally called Amorphophallus titanium, but also known as a titan arum, the corpse flower only blossoms once every seven to 10 years. According to horticulturist Harry Liggett, the flower is only open for about 12 hours.


During that time, it emits an odor that has been compared to rotting meat.

Morticia is not the only corpse flower at the zoo; there are four more, all donated by an oral surgeon in Laconia, N.H.

Her brother, "Fester," who stood at 5-foot-6, also bloomed about two weeks ago. The other corpse flowers are smaller, and are known as "Pugsly," also of the Addams Family, "Vincent," as in Price, and "Edgar," as in Poe.

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