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Bloomberg debriefs New York City on earthquake

Two reports of minimal damage so far, both to older buildings in Brooklyn.

Forget the earthquake – worry about the hurricane, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this afternoon.

Addressing the earthquake, the mayor said he received only two reports of minimal damage, one a partial collapse of a chimney in Brooklyn and also damage to a building on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.

In fact, he said, any aftershocks should have already happened.

What’s really worrisome, he said, is Hurricane Irene, a category-two storm expected to hit Florida this weekend, and that could move up to New York.

“That’s where our focus is now, because it’s much more likely to create a situation where people could get hurt,” Bloomberg said.

And if it’s not Irene, it will be another storm of torrential rain and wind, he said.

“If this one doesn’t hit us, the likelihood of another one is great.”

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