The residents and business community in Gilgo Beach, where the discoveries of four mutilated corpses were recently found, doesn’t believe the grisly findings will affect business on the barrier beach.

“From a beach standpoint and a business standpoint, I don’t think people will shy away from Gilgo,” Jon Taylor, Babylon Village Chamber of Commerce president, told Metro. “The young women were killed elsewhere and their bodies were dumped on Gilgo Beach, so people shouldn’t be fearful of violent crime on the beach. Also, the bodies were found in the winter — not at the height of the summer season.”

Walter Levins, a 24-year Babylon Village resident and owner of Coastal Island Treasures, echoes Taylor’s sentiments.

“I don’t think people will shy away from Gilgo Beach,” he said. “Gilgo is a beautiful beach. My children go there all the time, and it has some of the best surfing around.

“People around here are concerned, but we are not losing our heads over this,” he added. "But everyone will sleep a little easier at night when the person who is dumping the bodies is found.”

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