The body part pulled from the Charles River on Friday was a human head.  Credit: Google Images Investigators believe they know the identity of the head.
Credit: Google Images

The body part pulled from the Charles River in Cambridge on Friday morning appears to have been a human head.

FOX25 reports that police divers found the head after receiving a tip, and investigators suspect it belonged to Dennis Ray Jackson.


Jackson, a 24-year-old father of three from Haverhill, was killed last fall.

The body parts found in several locations throughout the Boston area back in November were identified as Jackson's. Several limbs were discovered smoldering in a barrel near Bridgewater State Psychiatric Hospital, while soon afterward a burning torso was recovered in Hyde Park.

Jackson was previously living in a beach house in Salisbury, where investigators completed a thorough investigation last month to determine whether the murder occured there. The man who rented the house from Jackson, former criminal and aspiring rapper Reggie Cummings, reportedly fled to Mexico after Jackson was killed. He is considered a person of interest in the case, FOX continued.

Cummings is back in a Massachusetts jail on unrelated charges.

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