Owners of the Boloco on Boylston Street near Berklee College of Music are offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone with information on the break-in that occurred at the burrito joint on Saturday night.

A video posted by the company on YouTube shows three robbers enter the restaurant after it closed Saturday, all wearing hooded- sweatshirts, before one of the alleged suspects tries to smash the security camera with a sledgehammer.

The company posted the video and set eerie music to it as a soundtrack because “that’s what [they] do,” according to a post on their Facebook page.

“It was haunting even without [the music],” the company wrote.


The owners said they debated about whether to share the video or not, but in the end posted it because they think “everyone needs to see what is happening out there, and work together to reduce and one day eliminate evil people like these three.”

The trio of troublemakers in the video were able to gain access to the back room of the restaurant just 30 minutes after it closed Saturday, and get away with a safe deposit box.

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