amtrak file photo train A Boston-bound Amtrak train crashed in Virginia on Thursday morning.
Credit: Getty Images


A Boston-bound Amtrak train collided with a car in Virginia on Thursday morning.


The driver of a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria ignored warning signals of the approaching train and tried to drive around the crossing bar, police said.The driver of the vehicle was flown to a Richmond hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.


Police confirmed that no one on the train was injured, and the train was not damaged, Reuters reports.


There were 44 passengers and five crew members aboard the train, which started its journey in Norfolk, Va., and collided with a vehicle in Waverly, about an hour away.

“Northeast Regional train 174, operating from Norfolk to Boston, struck a vehicle at 5:57 am in Waverly. There were no reported injuries by any of the 46 passengers,” Amtrak spokeswoman Christina Leedstold Virginia station WTVR. “The train will continue on when released by local authorities.”

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Anaya told the station that police were evaluating the situation.

“Troopers are currently on scene and investigating the crash,” said Anaya.

The train will continue to Boston's South Station.

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