The mood was somber at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center just after 11 p.m. Tuesday night, when President Barack Obama took Ohio, and another four years in office.


Tuesday afternoon, scores of supporters had poured into the convention center in South Boston to support Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and energy was high until word of his failure came through, following a tight race.


People trickled out of the packed convention center, boarded buses and headed home, obviously disappointed at the outcome of the election.


Dan Gibson of Andover said it was "not a great feeling inside" when the call was made.


"Well, it was a great campaign, but I feel badly for the country," he said, while also giving credit to President Obama for the win.

Outside the convention center, security was tight. Boston police and security officials used city dump trucks to block off Summer Street, about 100 yards away from the building, and police dogs sniffed cars as they approached the arena.

The convention center looked powerful. Spotlights jetted out from the convention center and a giant TV screen continued its coverage of the election, even after Romney’s loss was called.

Some supporters were holding pieces of cardboard with dozens of Romney buttons attached to them trying to sell them to people going inside, but hardly anyone was buying them.

Tim Engelskirchen, from Charlotte N.C., was one of the salesmen, and he said there were very few takers.

"They can't afford buttons, they all have to pay taxes now," said Engelskirchen, an Obama supporter who said he would have rather been in Chicago.

Krista Muzzioli, 21, of Romney's hometown of Belmont said she too was disappointed. "I think it's very disappointing because America deserves a president like Romney, and we really cant survive another four years with Obama."