This year, it's going to be a scorcher during the Boston Marathon, so it is important to dress appropriately while looking good.

That's why local fashionista Dani Incropera, a senior marketer at Rue La La, has put together some tips for those taking part in the event.

Incropera will be hitting the streets herself for the 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to the Hub representing "Team Red Cross" and the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.

But she plans on completing the epic jog in style.


What's your own personal fashion when you run?

I would have to say my personal fashion when running is reflected first in my attitude and then my apparel. If I feel confident, strong, and excited to take on any training route, I am more apt to hit the road in better style.

For this marathon I am wearing a black head band that says "FOCUS" in capital letters with a sequined red bow in my pony tail to represent the American Red Cross.

What are some suggestions/tips you can give other runners on what to wear?

1. My biggest tip is to wear something that makes you feel secure, confident and proud. You don't want to be thinking that bystanders are looking at your butt jiggle or your tummy sticking out. Rule of thumb: Cover up what bounces, bobs or flops.

2. Carry or wear a piece with meaning. When you are feeling pain, or having doubts of finishing the race, this piece will give you the strength you need to NEVER STOP and NEVER QUIT. It will remind you to push through until you cross the finish line.

3. As much as I love fashion, do not put fashion before comfort. When running this long if something is rubbing, chaffing, falling down/rising up, or twisting or slipping... do not wear it.

What are some of the biggest fashion faux pas runners can make?

Not upgrading their gear for over five years. I see this especially in men, where they are wearing the same short shorts from the 70s, faded baseball cap from the 80s and swishy warm-up jacket from the 90s... ditch it all and start fresh!

Also, socks that are three times too big and roll out the back of your sneakers. Get nice clean socks that fit.

And anything that has permanent sweat stains on it – chuck it! All in all if its over five years and smells, look like it may smell, have any sort of stain, throw it out!

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