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Boston parking space savers to be picked up Friday morning

boston space saver snow We're guessing they didn't vacuum up the snow in South Boston.
Credit: Michael Naughton/METRO

The fruits of your shoveling labor will be rewarded for a few more hours.

Boston car owners who shoveled out their parking spaces after last week's snowstorm get until 7 a.m. Friday to leave their space savers in place before they are forcibly removed.

The city allows people to leave a space saver - which can be anything from a flat-screen TV to a vacuum cleaner - in a spot they shoveled out for up to 48 hours after the snow emergency parking ban is lifted. The snow emergency was lifted at 6 p.m. Tuesday meaning that the space savers would usually have to be removed by 6 p.m. Thursday.

The reason for the extra 13 hours? A city spokesman said that trash crews would pick up the savers on their normal route and would likely not make a special nighttime trip out to the neighborhoods to collect the space savers.

So enjoy that reserved space a little longer, car owners. It will not last long.

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