Boston police have seized 15 guns like those carried by Newtown shooter

While Boston police talk about the guns they've seized, Mayor Thomas Menino is urging President Barack Obama to take more action.

More than a dozen guns in the style of those used by Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza have been seized in Boston this year.


Boston police said today that they have seized four Bushmaster rifles, eight Glock handguns and three Sig Sauer handguns. Those are the same makes and styles Lanza brought into the Newtown, Conn. school to fatally shoot 26 people including 20 first-graders.


"It is clear these types of weapons have one purpose, to kill large numbers of people quickly, and it is essential we get these guns off our streets," Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said in a statement. "Let's make it tougher for felons, domestic abusers and other dangerous criminals to get guns. We need federal legislation that would require gun buyers to pass criminal background checks and prohibit any private citizen from owning military style high capacity firearms."


Also today, Mayor Thomas Menino sent a letter to President Barack Obama in Menino's capacity as co-chair of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.


The letter, which was also signed by the 750 other members of the coalition, urged the mandating of criminal background checks on all gun sales, work to get military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines off of the streets and enact measures to make gun trafficking a federal crime.

"It's unfortunate that it's taken such a heinous crime like the one in Newtown for our voices to be heard. The ache that is being felt by Newtown families is being felt every day by Boston families whose loved ones have fallen victim to gun violence," Menino said in a statement.

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