A study released today calls Boston the fifth best city for workers between the ages of 18 and 29 - a demographic known as "Generation Y."

Millennial Branding, a Boston-based research firm, looked at factors like median pay, wage changes and commute times to come up with the ranking.

Seattle came in as the top city for Gen Y workers with a 23-minute average commute, a $44,000 median pay and a 4.4 percent wage change.

Boston has that city beat in terms of median wage. According to the report, the median wage for Gen Y workers in Boston is $46,000 -- but the commute is about 10 minutes longer.


The report also says that Gen Y workers are not employed in large numbers inside America's biggest companies, but instead for smaller firms that offer flexibility and opportunity to use social networks at work without corporate guidelines.

"This report confirms that Gen Y is an entrepreneurial group, highly versed in social media, and prefers freedom and flexibility over big corporate policies," said Dan Schawbel, the firm's founder.

"While they are the future corporate leaders and change-makers, they are suffering in this economy by having to work in retail jobs over professional ones. A bachelor's degree can no longer be traded in for a job."

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