Boston is one of the best places in the country to wear skinny jeans and listen to music before it’s mainstream.

That’s right, the Hub ranked number 17 on a new list of best cities to be a “hipster.”

According to Travel and Leisure's new list of “America’s Best Cities for Hipsters,” Boston brings a lot to the square-rimmed glasses wearing table, although it fell close to the end of the list of 22 spots around the U.S.

“Boston may not seem very edgy to T+L survey voters,” according to the survey's results. “The techie crowd around MIT and Cambridge, however, gave a boost to Beantown’s hip quotient.”


Basically, Boston is only full of hipsters because they overflow from across the Charles River.

Travel and Leisure also points out the Voltage Coffee & Art café in Kendall Square, calling it a place to see “up and coming” bands.

Which, in hipster terms, is loosely translated as “groups we knew about before you.”

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