Boston ranks in top ten for lost phones

Boston ranked tenth in the nation for cities with people most likely to lose their cell phones.

It happens more frequently than you think.


You leave a bar around 2 a.m., fumble in your pockets to pay a cab driver some cash (most likely because they will tell you they don't take credit cards. Those liars.) and suddenly, without you knowing, your iPhone or smartphone slips from your pockets and gets lost in the abyss.


Lookout Mobile, a "leader in mobile security," said today that Boston ranked tenth in the nation as a destination where people most likely lose their phones.


According to the study, people in some U.S. cities have a higher chance of losing their phone—the Hub being one of them.


An analysis of more than 15 million users showed demographics and behavior were the largest factors influencing phone loss. We are sure that includes being inebriated.

If you're from Boston, you are also at risk of getting your phone snatched by someone as you ride the train.

Someone needs to come up with handcuff for iPhones to keep those things locked on you at all times.

Here is how other cities stacked up:

1. Philadelphia

2. Seattle

3. Oakland

4. Long Beach

5. Newark

6. Detroit

7. Cleveland

8. Baltimore

9. New York

10. Boston

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