Don’t expect to see Joanne Chang on Bravo’s “Top Chef’s Just Desserts” anytime soon. Despite her rock-star status in Boston’s foodie community as the owner of Flour Bakery, Chang’s new cookbook — appropriately titled Flour — is the only side gig she’s up for currently.

“I am definitely most comfortable in the kitchen,” she said. “Some people enjoy the celebrity part of being a chef. I would say I’m not in that group.”

The 41-year-old said opening her second Flour location three years ago is what put the cookbook idea in her head. For the first time, she had to meticulously transcribe her recipes for bakers she could no longer supervise every second.

And the fact that the former Harvard math major left a career as a management consultant to be a pro baker helps her relate to home cooks.

Three years ago, Chang’s famous sticky buns were featured on the Food Network show “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.”

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