On Friday, Boston smartphone users can give their Uber app the word, and within ten minutes, an Uber Ice Cream Truck will roll up at any location in the city.

For $12, the trucks will offer enough classic ice cream treats to satisfy five people.

It's a one day deal, however, and will run from noon until 6 p.m.

“We’ve been dreaming about ice cream for months,” Uber Bosto General Manager Michael Pao said. “We rolled out vehicle type requests for July 4th and it’s exciting to be able to extend our platform to provide something sweet as well as a stylish ride.”

The San Francisco start-up is known for giving people the convenience of summoning cars at the touch of a smartphone app.


Multiple ice cream party bundles can be purchased, Pao said, and Uber swag like neon tank tops will also be sold from the trucks.

The Uber app can be downloaded here for iPhones, or here for Androids.

On Friday, users can open the app, pick the ice cream vehicle type, tag their location and request a truck.

If Friday's test-run is a hit, Pao said, there is a chance for more on-demand ice cream parties in the future. It all depends on Boston's demand for the cool stuff.

Boston is not the only city to get a taste of the Uber ice cream flavor - San Francisco, New York , Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, and Toronto.

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