Boston University President Robert Brown sent an email to students on Monday telling them the school would be forming a center specifically to deal with sexual assault prevention in the wake of several unsettling incidents at the school this year.

According to the letter to coeds, sent out by Brown, BU will create a center "specifically dedicated to preventing sexual assault through training and outreach and to providing support to victims of sexual assault as well as other forms of abuse, such as hazing."

The center will be run by the Student Health Services department and will have a new location, separate from the Student Health Services offices.

Brown said the goal is to have the center operational by the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year.


"We are committed to working to ensure that our academic community is one in which uncivil, violent, or abusive treatment of others is not tolerated and that we have the appropriate means in place both to reduce the likelihood of such events and to provide strong support to those affected when, despite our best efforts, such events occur," Brown said in his letter.

The president noted the string of incidents that has plagued the school in the last four months, including two alleged sexual assaults and two instances of alleged hazing.

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