sexual harassment slut walk rape assault A woman fought back against an assaulter in Boston Common in a most unusual way. PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

A Boston woman posted a story on Reddit that should make would-be sexual harassers think twice about stepping out of line.

The woman, a petite blonde who goes by the Reddit user name ManichestBreastiny, shared on female-focused subforum TwoXChromosomes that she caused a man who allegedly groped her breast to soil his pants.


The incident happened Friday night as she was leaving Boston's AMC Loews Theater, and walking to a nearby MBTA station. The woman said she practices scary monster voices, and put her talent to good use.

A man that looked to be at least fifteen years older than myself who was walking near me in the same direction took an extra step to catch up to me and put his arm around my shoulder and grabbed my breast, and said "Hey".

I pushed him off me, and in my most threatening bellow yelled,"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME?"

ManichestBreastiny also offered audio of the terrifying impersonation; it can be heard at

The alleged harasser was "in total shock," with his mouth open, ManichestBreastiny said.

But that's not all: "I knew I caught him by surprise. It took me a few seconds, between him standing funny and the smell to realize that he crapped in his pants."

I looked around, and saw a few other people staring, probably because I had just yelled at someone in a park, and made an awkward walk away from the guy. I was shaken from being grabbed, and got to the Park Street station as fast as I could walk.

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