Drivers caught somewhat of a break from backed-up traffic over the July 4 weekend when the Massachusetts Department of Transportation put a hold on their highway work on Interstate 93.

But the work will resume this weekend, July 8, and Boston travelers should expect some more heavy delays.

Crews will continue the series of bridge structure replacements as part of the MassDOT’s “Fast14” project along 93 South near Medford.

Starting at 8 p.m. this Friday, construction will start up again and the highway will be reduced to two lanes, causing some serious congestion all along the interstate.

This week's 6-mile segment of work involves a bridge over Webster Street near the Mystic River.

According to MassDOT’s website, traffic on 93 North will be directed through a median crossover near the Somerville and Medford line and then travel in counter-flow operation on the southbound barrel of the highway before traveling through a second median crossover near Spot Pond in Stoneham.

Access to and from many of the ramps on I-93 North in this area will be restricted.

The $98.1 million project to replace 14 bridge superstructures from now until Labor Day weekend is funded through the Patrick-Murray Administration’s historic Accelerated Bridge Program, a $3 billion recovery effort to reduce the Commonwealth’s backlog of structurally-deficient bridges.

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