Rail riders using the Worcester Line can look forward to a new station at Everett Street in Brighton.


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and New Balance announced today that they will partner to build the station, which will be called New Brighton Landing.


MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey and New Balance Chairman James S. Davis announced the agreement in a co-signed Letter of Intent to build the new commuter rail station, which will serve the general public in the Allston-Brighton area, according to a MassDOT press release, which said the station will also serve New Balance’s New Brighton Landing development.


The development includes a New Balance world headquarters, additional office building, hotel, sports complex, and retail space.


As part of the agreement, New Balance will fund all permitting, design, and construction costs for the station, as well as annual maintenance costs.

The New Brighton Landing development and new commuter rail station will create approximately 3,000 permanent jobs in addition to 400 full-time construction jobs, according to MassDOT.