3862099069_f4d6c9db7d_z A Maltese. Photo by ankakay.


A Bronx man who had posted a sign on his lawn warning “Keep your dog off the grass" has confessed to fatally shooting his neighbor's dog, the Daily News reports.


Donald Savino, 73, told police he only intended to frighten his neighbor's nine-pound Maltese, Spike, when he fired two pellets from an air rifle at the dog on Tuesday evening.


“OK, I did it,” Savino said, according to court documents. “I didn’t mean to kill the dog. I just wanted to shoot it in the butt and scare him.”


Spike's owner Marco Lopez said he, his wife and their three children were horrified by the violent death of their dog, who was eight years old. The family brought home a poodle puppy on Saturday.