The special at Beny’s Delice bakery in Brooklyn is sure to be the most unique thing on any menu: A discounted cake, plus a marriage proposal.

Johanna Hickey and her co-manager Michael Newton came up with the idea to put up a sign at the bakery on Fulton Street in Clinton Hill offering marriage in exchange for $25,000 — and 15 percent off a cake.

“We’re offering marriage in a sense but it’s really just a joke because we feel like we already have this position,” explained Hickey. “We are the husbands of wives of this neighborhood. We make sure our customers have coffee, snacks for their kids. If someone’s having a bad day I’ll joke with them, cheer them up.”

Hickey, who works most of the time as a set designer, said the hand-drawn advertisement in their window has garnered a lot of joke offerings but nothing legitimate — yet.

“We’ve had a lot of regulars come in and laugh and jokingly say they’ll do it but nothing serious,” said Hickey, 29. “And honestly I don’t know what we’ll do if we do.”

According to Hickey her and Michael knew it would be taken as a joke but also thought it was be a cute way to flirt.

“Oh my gosh I’m almost thirty and I’m not even dating!” exclaimed Hickey, who added it’s not really about the $125,000 price tag. “This is a way to get to know people and make friends. We’re going to be like coffee partners for life!”

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