UPDATE:After reuniting with his mother,KareemGranton told reporters on Monday that he left home in a huff because he didn't want to clean up after Queenie, thefamily's dog.

"I just had a tantrum in the moment, a type of anger problem," Granton told reporters outside the local police precinct building. "So I just wanted to express it in a different way."

Granton told police that he and a friend were heading to Barclay's Center from Brownsville when the two got separated. The New York Daily News reported that the 11-year-old slept in the subway cars and survived off of $10 his stepfather had given him earlier.

NBC New York also reported that the boy has a history of running way from home although not for this long a time, family members said.


Metro’s original story is below.

479-14 75 Sqd 03-05-14 Kareem Granton, 11, was found after missing for five days.
Credit: DCPI

A missing Brooklyn boy found by a rider on a subway train Monday said he spent most of the five days since his disappearance in the transit system.

"It was a very big world," Kareem Granton, 11, told reporters after reuniting with his family. "I didn't think I would probably make it."

Kareem, last seen Wednesday, said he ate at Chuck E. Cheese and spent nights on the subway since he was last seen leaving a friend's apartment Wednesday. He said he didn't know anyone but his mother was looking for him.

Police said Kareem was found after a woman spotted him on a subway train at Union Square station during the morning commute Monday.

The woman got off the southbound 4 train and told Transit K9 Officer Dennis Grimm, who was patrolling platform with dog Dakota, that she thought she had seen the missing boy.

Before the train left the station, Grimm approached the boy and asked him to get off the subway, police said. Grimm then asked the boy's name, recognizing him as the missing 11-year-old.

Grimm then took the boy to the Union Square transit police station, where authorities and Kareem's family were notified.

While his family was on the way, Grimm also took the hungry boy to a nearby McDonald's for breakfast.

Shortly after, Kareem was reunited with his family.

He told officers nothing had happened to him while he was missing.

Kareem was last seen at his East New York apartment after school Wednesday, when played with a friend who lived upstairs.

After playing video games, Kareem left to go home, but disappeared about 3 p.m. His building doesn't have any security cameras.

Transit K9 Officer Dennis Grimm and Dakota at Union Square subway station where Kareem Granton was found. Credit: NYPD Transit K9 Officer Dennis Grimm and Dakota at Union Square subway station where Kareem Granton was found.
Credit: NYPD

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