brooklyn da website The website for the Kings County District Attorney's Office features a non-Brooklyn courthouse.
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Update/Correction (5:30 p.m.): James Freedland, a spokesman for Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson during his campaign, pointed out on Twitter that former DA Charles Hynes had the same non-Brooklyn court picture in the background on his website.

The takeaway? Brooklyn might just lack a photogenic, quintessential courthouse to publish on the site.

See Metro's original story below:


The website for new Kings County District Attorney Ken Thompson features a non-Brooklyn courthouse, according to a tipster.

A former senior assistant district attorney from the borough laments that the photograph in the background of the site doesn't show off Brooklyn's own courts.

"I don't think it's trivial that the chief law enforcement officer in Brooklyn doesn't have any idea what the courthouses look like," said the former ADA, who is familiar with the borough's courts.

"It's not as if Brooklyn has a dearth of beautiful courthouse with amazing history and extraordinary architecture," the tipster said. "Brooklyn has a State Supreme Court, along with a Criminal Courthouse and Family Court. ADA's are working very hard in all of these courthouses every single day."

Next to the courthouse -- which the former ADA believes is located in Manhattan -- is, however, a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge.

A spokesman for the DA's office has not returned a request for comment, but Metro will update this story if he does.

Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes had a plain green background in his site, according to his bio, which was still live Tuesday morning.

The tipster also noted the new site, some which is still under construction, doesn't feature an American flag.

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