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Republican John Cahill, who served as chief of staff for former Governor George Pataki, on Sunday formally announced his bid to challengeincumbent Democrat Eric Schneiderman asAttorney General.

Speaking in his hometown of Yonkers, Cahill promised to defend charter schools and to tap into New York state's natural gas reserves with hydrofracking.


He also went on the attack, saying Schneidermansaw his role as the state's top lawyer as "little more than a political stepping stone to the Governor’s Mansion.”

“Recently here in New York we have seen the A.G serve not as the Attorney General but rather as the ‘Aspiring Governor,’" Cahill said. "We see that this leads to decisions based on the special interests, political interests and self-interests of the Attorney general rather than what is in the best interests of the people of New York."

In an email blast to potential supporters that linked to his new campaign website, Cahill promised to be the "People's Lawyer."

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