Cardinal Dolan's ring won't budge after food-filled trip to Rome

If you like food then you shouldn’t have put a ring on it.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do -- that is, if your metabolism can support it.


Newly appointed Cardinal Timothy Dolan proved he took the saying a little too literally after realizing that his cardinal ring is now firmly stuck on his finger. Dolan admitted pasta was the main culprit, but vowed to eat leaner come Lent.


"It will be no more pasta... it’s going to be a lot of celery sticks, celery sticks without any salt," Doran said, according to the Post.


Doran’s doctor, who once helped him lose 25 pounds, said he wasn’t worried about the Cardinal's diet in Italy, as he lost five pounds on his last trip there. He must be... ummm, eating his words.

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