A PSPCA truck in Philadelphia. A PSPCA truck. Credit: Metro file photo.

An animal was found skinned and mutilated and left for dead in a North Philadelphia parking lot, officials said.

Pennsylvania SPCA officials found the large feline, whose paws and ears were severed, discarded in a lot at 31st and Jefferson Streets, SpokeswomanSarah Eremus said.


"We believe it to be a feline of some sort," Eremussaid. "A large feline, not a domestic cat. Something more like a bobcat."

Eremussaid the instruments used to butcher the animal were found nearby.

The PSPCA is still working on the details and how to approach the investigation, "And what type of act we're looking at,"Eremus added.

Eremus said more information would be available later this afternoon.


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